School Planner Roundup

Maybe you’re a child of the digital age and you use your Apple calendar or your Google calendar. Maybe you’re like me and you’re a child of the digital age, but you prefer a paper agenda.

Everyone made fun of me for using a paper calendar and paper lesson plan book, until Google crashed in 2020. Say what you will about the convenience of a digital calendar, but my daily planner will never crash.

I myself use a Prayerful Planner.

This handy-dandy calendar is part daily devotion book, part calendar, and prayer list all rolled into one. You can choose from a pre-dated version, or an undated version like mine. I use mine like an academic planner, June to May, so I buy the undated option. You can get one of your own by clicking here.

There are lots of other options available for planners. If I didn’t use a Prayerful Planner, I’d probably buy The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. Her planners are incredibly colorful, well-organized and useful. She also writes some really great books that I highly recommend. She’s a Christian mother with a great sense of humor and a positive outlook, and I find her content very relatable.

Erin Condren has a large variety of planners: academic planner, teacher planner, and life planner. Her life planner seems very similar to Emily Let’s Simplified Planner. They are similar in price as well.

If you’re looking for a planner that’s $20 and just as good as those in the $60 range, get a Blue Sky Day Designer. I used one of these for years before I bought my Prayerful Planner. There are a lot of features I like about it. There is an area for setting goals, a to-do list, and a monthly calendar as well as weekly calendars.

If you’re in the market for a paper planner, any of these options are great. Do you still use a paper planner? Comment below to tell us all about it!

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