Life as a lumber: what we’ve been up to

We have had a crazy busy last few weeks and not, am I tired. The little lumbers finished their school year on May 12 and had their dance recital on May 13. They did so well and I’m so proud of them.

E tap dancing to “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” by Dolly
Little A dancing to “Zuka Zama” from The Lion Guard

We had a week off from dance and we made lots of delicious dinners.

I went with my students on a field trip to the coast and had a blast.

Ft Fisher State Park, NC

I had been to the aquarium and the battle field as a kid but didn’t really remember it. It was great and we enjoyed it a lot.

I’ll be posting more about this trip soon.

The puppy Stella is growing more and every day. She is a handful but we surely love her and are enjoying her.

Patches loves her too. They play like crazy.

That’s all for now! We will see you next week for some fun and excitement. Stay tuned!

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