Easy Family Night Suppers: Chicken French

A few years ago, we had a really great Italian restaurant in our town, but it has since closed. One of their signature dishes was chicken French. It’s a breaded chicken dish with Italian spices, served with spaghetti noodles and marinara sauce. It was our go-to dish when we would eat there, and we have sorely missed eating it. We decided to try re-creating it.

1. First, add salt, pepper and garlic salt to your thawed chicken tenders. Dip the tenders in beaten eggs.

Once your chicken tenders have soaked in the egg, you’re going to want to dip them in the break crumbs.

2. Secondly, dip your chicken tenders in Italian bread crumbs. Be sure that both sides are coated.

3. Thirdly, fry your chicken tenders in a tablespoon of butter. You can also pop them into your air fryer.

4. We then served it with spaghetti noodles with marinara sauce.

This meal is delicious and cheap to make, and my kids love it. It’s not particularly healthy, but you can adjust it a bit by using sugar free marinara, low carb pasta and cooking the chicken in the air fryer instead of the skillet.

What are some of your family’s favorite meals?

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