Life as a Lumber: What We’ve Been Up To!

March kicked off what in our house is known as “birthday season.” Mr. Lumber is in March, I’m in April, our wedding anniversary is in May, and my oldest daughter is June. Our little daughter is the outlier with the November birthday.

Blast from the past!!

We celebrated Mr Lumber’s birthday March 25. I won’t tell you how old he is.

The girls celebrated spring break and spent lots of time with their grandparents, since my school was not on spring break. They went shopping, went bowling, and ate lots of good food…and I was super jealous.

The kids celebrated Easter by attending our Easter Egg-stravaganza at our church. They made cute crafts and hunting for Easter eggs.

And with two special Easter services and breakfast at our church.

This weekend, they’re at their third competition of the season…more about that later. We have so many exciting new projects coming your way. Can’t wait to show you!

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