Finance Friday book recommendation: Nicole Lapin’s Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start Investing and Grow Your Own Wealth

Last year, I was given a copy of Nicole Lapin’s Miss independent: A simple 12-step plan to start investing and grow your own wealth. While this book is geared at ladies who are a bit younger than I am, it had a lot of pertinent points. I also appreciate Lapin’s humor and down-to-earth style of communicating her points. I thought I’d be bored reading a book about finance, but she makes it fun.

Some of Lapin’s biggest points are explaining common financial terms, such as stocks and bonds, how to establish the amount of wealth you want to have before retiring, and how to make big purchases like mortgages. I needed this book in my life as a very young woman- I could have saved myself a lot of bad decisions.

One of the most encouraging pieces of advice in the book is this: you don’t need a lot of wealth to start investing and growing your wealth.

I highly encourage anyone to read Miss Independent. You will learn a lot and you’ll enjoy the experience.

Order your copy here.

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