Easy DIY gifts for your husband

Are you struggling to know what to buy for your husband? My husband is notoriously hard to buy for and I often rack my brain trying to decide what to buy. Over the years, I’ve become more creative. I love to make things, so the things on this list will be easy DIY gifts.

1. A curated basket of his favorite gifts

love dark winter sugar
Photo by HAYA JAUNI on Pexels.com

My husband usually doesn’t give me any ideas when I ask, so I try to pay attention to the things he likes. One year, I created a basket full of his favorite snacks- peanuts, glass bottle Coca Colas, beef jerky, Little Debbie Zebra Cakes…it was a lot of fun to put together and he really enjoyed it.

2. DIY small photo album


This cute little photo album has a lot of possibilities. You can include pictures that are significant to your relationship- maybe pictures from a special vacation or pictures of the two of you over the years. This gift is very versatile and meaningful- you can make something like this for anyone, for any occasion.

3. A Year of Dates


Pre-plan 24 dates, two for each month of the year. This gift takes a lot of thought and a little more money, but it really is a gift that keeps on giving. Hope on over to Home Cleaning Family to find out how to make it.

4. Picture heart collage


This picture has babies, but what if you did pictures from different points in your relationship? I think this would be a sweet and sentimental gift. You could do “your story” in a heart collage- put an engagement picture, a wedding picture, a first family picture, and so on.

5. Timeless Valentine’s gift (ha ha)


This idea is very easy to pull off, and you can use a picture of your favorite memory together. You don’t even have to use a picture of the two of you; it can be of a location that is special to you. So many possibilities with this one!

What handmade gift idea will you try this year?

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