Life as a Lumber: What we do each day

Our family of four is busy, busy, busy, and we have had to work hard to create a routine that works for us. We really do have something going on every night but Friday. Our typical week works about like this:

  • Monday: Tutoring and physical therapy
  • Tuesday: dance and gym workouts
  • Wednesday: church and choir practice
  • Thursday: dance and gym workouts
  • Friday: free day!
  • Saturday: dance competition team practice and gym workouts

Since we are often not home throughout the week, we have tried to find a good balance with housework. Our typical weekday looks like this:

  • 1. get up and get ready
  • 2. switch over laundry
  • 3. empty dishwasher
  • 4.breakfast and wipe down counters.
  • 5. reload the dishwasher
  • 6. feed animals and let the chickens out
  • 7. kids leave for school, I leave for work
  • 8. 7:20-3:20: school day
  • afterschool activity (dance, church, exercise, etc)
  • 7-ish: dinner time
  • 8:30- chore of the day, wipe counters, pick up the house, start laundry, load dishwasher
  • 9:30- baths, devotion, lay out clothes for tomorrow
  • 10:00- kids go to bed
  • 10:30 adults go to bed

If you’re curious about our chore of the day, you can see that here.

Our schedule may seem excessive, but this is what we have had to do to make our lives work. Sometimes, we do have to adjust and regroup, and while that is hard, it works out. Don’t worry about what other people’s schedule looks like: find a routine that works for your family and stick to it…even if you sometimes have to change it up.

What does your family’s daily routine look like?

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