Preparing to host overnight guests

My husband’s side of the family is mostly from the county where we live. My family, however, is from a state that is three hours from here by car. Because all of our bedrooms are in use, we don’t have a conventional guest room, but if we did, I’d make sure to have all of these things on hand.

1. Comfy, clean sheets and pillows

2. A luggage rack

Who enjoys having to get down on the ground to retrieve things from their suitcase? With this luggage rack, your guests won’t have to put their suitcase on the bed where they’re going to sleep. You can also fold it up and hide it when it isn’t needed.

3. A basket for snacks and waters

How many times have you stayed at someone’s house and gotten thirsty in the middle of the night, but you didn’t want to wake others? You don’t have to leave this elaborate of a basket for your guests, but you can leave a few packs of chips or crackers, and a few bottles of water. If your local area has a particular snack it is known for, providing that snack would be a nice touch.

4. Provide the Wi-Fi password

5. Fresh flowers

tulip flowers
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This one is not a necessity, but it definitely makes things seem more inviting.

Other things to consider are spare toiletries and toothbrushes in the bathroom. You never know what someone might forget.

What are your guest room essentials when family comes to town?

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