24 Days of Christmas: Christmas Decor Hacks

Let me start off this post by saying, “I AM NOT A DECORATOR.” Not even close.

What I am though, is an avid Pinterest-er. I’m not sure that’s really a thing, but we will pretend it is. I have managed to learn a few very useful Pinterest tricks to make my Christmas decor seem more than it truly is. I’m more than happy to share those tricks with you.

Real Christmas trees are awesome, but some of us have horrible allergies and we can’t have the real thing. If this describes you, don’t be too disappointed. You can buy a real tree and add lights to it- the result is an amazingly well lit tree that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Are you missing that real Christmas tree smell? Try one of these candles- the very scent just makes me happy.

Source: Yankee Candle

If you buy a cheap Christmas wreath, buy two and wire them together. The result? A much thicker, fuller Christmas wreath.

Lastly, if you have any leftover glass ornaments, put them in a glass bowl or jar. There is something about glass and ornaments that just works together.

What are your favorite Christmas decorating tricks?

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