24 Days of Christmas: DIY Christmas Card Photos

Last year, our Christmas card photo snuck up on me hard. We had a string of Saturdays where we had something to do every weekend.

By the time I realized I needed to send out photos, all the photographers were booked up and I needed to do something quick. Today I’d like to share some tips for impromptu DIY photo shoots.

1. Find some amazing scenery

Taken in downtown Cary, NC

Look around your town or a local town and scope out some pretty backdrops. Even if you don’t need them, you can still take some great pictures.

2. But if you can’t find scenery, find a brick wall

If you can’t find a nice backdrop, a brick wall or a fence will do.

3. Streamline your family’s outfit choices

Color coding your outfits make your photos look more put together. While my green sweater seems out of place here, the girls are color coordinated and cute together.

4. Use natural lighting

Natural light is best, especially around Sunset.

5. Use a tripod

Don’t deal with the shaky-shaky. Invest in a tripod. You can get one fairly inexpensive lunch. I use a Targus that I paid $40 for.

I don’t think my impromptu photo shoot turned out too badly.

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