24 days of Christmas: Gifts that Give Back

We buy gifts for people every year. Although it can be stressful, I mostly enjoy choosing gifts I think my loved ones will enjoy. Sometimes I see something they’ve asked for, or something I just know they will love.

Other times I give cash or a gift card if nothing really seems right. This year I’ve decided to do a little something different and purchase gifts in which the proceeds fund a specific charity or cause.

If you’re interested in giving “gifts that give back,” you may want to check this out this list.

1. Cuddle and Kind hand knitted stuffed animals

These adorable little critters come in a number of different animals and are available in a few different sizes. They are handcrafted from organic materials. With the purchase of each animal, ten meals are provided to needy children worldwide. I personally think they are adorable gifts for children…or children at heart.

2. Conscious Step socks

The cool thing about Conscious Steps is you can choose from a number of causes AND socks! They have socks that fund clean water. They have socks that fund programs for domestic violence survivors. There are socks that fund programs for mental health.

3. BLK and Bold Specialty Tea

BLK & Bold coffees and teas give 5% of their profits to youth programs. Their specialty coffees are a delicious favorite of mine and you should definitely check them out.

3. Purpose Jewelry Daisy Earrings

The sales from these cute and affordable earrings go back to survivors of human trafficking. They have lots of other beautiful jewelry to choose from as well.

4. FEED Linen Apron

When you buy a FEED apron, you’re fighting childhood hunger. FEED Projects are well made and attractive.

We hope you enjoy this list! Happy shopping!

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