Fall wood signs: A Pinterest Roundup

As you well know, I love making typographical art. Today, I have been on a bit of a Pinterest rampage, looking for new wooden signs to make. Here are some of my absolute favorites.

Source: Creative Ramblings

I like just about everything on this blog post. I’d be happy making any of them. I especially love that “fall” sign and the “every year I fall for…” sign.

Source: Eighteen 25

I love the “stay awhile” signs and the “welcome to the bed and breakfast” signs. Both of them would be easy to make, versatile (you could use them lots of different ways) and a simple beauty.

Source: Seasonal Wonderment

This would be extremely easy to make- I love the combinations of the colors and the stained frame.

I am sure I could find many more signs to make- there are hundreds of them on Pinterest and most of them are awesome. I cannot wait to show you the ones I decided to make.

Have a great weekend!

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