Something more Sunday: Fall Favorites and Herb gardening

Before you read any further, I’m going to just be up front: this post isn’t about anything. It’s not about anything of significance or importance…but it is kind of cool.

Recently, we celebrated a little “holiday” of sorts in the influencer/blogger realm…Amazon Prime Day. While some of my friends and acquaintances bought really neat things, I really didn’t buy anything too extreme. We got two Chromebooks for the kiddos, and while they are really nice, my favorite Prime Day purchase was what most would consider lame.

I bet you can tell where this is going.

I bought myself this super cute little kitchen herb garden. You can customize these kits, and you can choose from several different ones. I chose parsley, peppermint, thyme, basil, and rosemary. The kit came with everything in this picture:

You simply soak the soil disks in water and let them expand for ten minutes, and then you plant your seeds in the little burlap bags and the soil. The little instruction book tells you all about how to plant and care for the herbs.

And then after you’re done, you just stick the plant marker in it and you’re done. Super cute and simple!

My kids say this is lame and granny-ish, but they can hush. I think it’s great- and who doesn’t love a little dirt therapy once in awhile?

Today, the girls had the morning off from dance and I used the time to do some hardcore cleaning. The house certainly hasn’t been neglected, but it surely needed a good deep cleaning. I accomplished a lot but I am so tired. In the next few weeks I’m going to do lots of organizing and purging.

Also, I really want to order this coffee cup, but I already have so many. I bet the hubs wont allow me to buy any more…even if the message on the mug is singing his praises.

I will see you all this week for some exciting goodness. Have a wonderful Sunday and be blessed.

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