Life as a Lumber: what we’ve been up to

This week, I only posted once, because I had a lot happening at work and two members of our house came down with the stomach virus.

Sometimes you just need a break, you know?

Still, we had a lot of good things happen.

Our church had its annual valentines dinner and it was delicious. Look how pretty our church is at sunset (shot from the historic sanctuary on the hill).

Last week, we headed two hours west to my grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday with her. I’m not going to post her picture here out of respect to her, we saw some snow while we were there. We went out to lunch and had a blast.

We finally jumped on the air fryer bandwagon and bought an air fryer. We have enjoyed making delicious foods in it- my favorites were bacon, marinated barbecue chicken tenders, and a copycat Chick-fil-A sandwich with waffle fries. We haven’t eaten out all week. Yum!

We shored up our polytunnel and started our flower and veggie seeds. These will be planted in our garden at the end of April.

We hung these sweet Edison bulbs on our back porch last week. Our back porch is undergoing a bit of a transformation, so more about that later.

And lastly, a sweet friend of ours made us these shirts. Aren’t they awesome? Maybe some day we will sell merch.

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