Life as a Lumber: What We’ve Been Up To

We are all FINALLY out of school. Friday was a half day for me and the girls. We have had quite a busy weekend but it has been a blast!

Earlier this week, we visited a beautiful town about an hour away from our house. The town is beautifully decorated and we got some great pictures.

The kids had practice for their dance competition team on Friday. The dance director took these amazing pics of our girls.

Photo by Mallory Idavoy
Photo by Mallory Idavoy

On Saturday, we went to see The Nutcracker with some sweet friends of ours. We had so much fun.

On Sunday, we had our children’s Christmas play at church. The kids did a great job!

This week, we will be sharing some handcrafted Christmas trees, our Christmas home tour and also a Christmas traditions list.

Have a wonderful week!

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