Back to school: how to help your student stay organized!

As students prepare to return to school, most of us are thinking of ways to make this year run more smoothly. I consider myself an organized person, although my children cannot be described as “organized.” I’m hoping that will change at some point in the near future (hey, a mom can dream, right?). In the meantime, I have created their own little mini-command station to help make that a reality.

First, I bought a 18X24 poster board. I printed off her name, a blank monthly calendar, and a list of daily chores and responsibilities. I also used a weekly to do list I already had.

And then I glued all of those things to the poster board.

Then I bought two poster frames and put the new calendar boards in the frame.

Afterward, I hung them on the wall beside their bedroom doors- somewhere they will see them every day, several times a day.

So far, it is working well 🙂 What great organization ideas have you come up with for your young school children?

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