Best 2021 Agendas: Our Favorite Picks for Staying Organized and Sane in the New Year

My agenda is pretty important to me. My husband jokes that I have the next six months of my life planned out in it and if I lost it, I’d have to be committed. He’s only half wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

I myself use a Prayerful Planner in the undated version so I can customize it and use it to reflect my school year rather than the respective 12-month calendar year. I like it because it’s an agenda, prayer journal, and devotion book all in one. A one-stop-shop, if you will. It helps me keep my family’s activities and my daily activities, as well as my walk with God on track.

See what I mean?

Please ignore my “first thing in the morning” handwriting.

If the Prayerful Planner sounds like what you need, then I highly encourage you to get one. But if it just isn’t your thing, rest assured that there are plenty of other options.

1. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner, $60

The things I love about my planner are also the things I love about The Simplified Planner. The planner contains pages for planning and reflection, and the layout is very clean and uncomplicated.

2. Erin Condren Life Planner, $68

There are a lot of similarities between the Life Planner and the Simplified Planner. Just like the others, this one also includes planning/reflection pages, monthly layouts and weekly layouts, and it’s bright, colorful, and has plenty of room to write. You can customize and personalize it as well.

3. Day Designer Planner by BlueSky $15 (SoftCover) and $60 (Hardcover)

I wanted to include amore budget friendly option for all you moms, who (like me), like to save a few dollars. You can get this planner in a hardcover format at a price that is more comparable to the others, or you can get it for less than $20 in a softcover. Before I started buying the Prayerful Planner, this was my go-to. The pages are clean, well laid out, and have plenty of writing space. This planner even has reflection and planning pages, but it does not have the amount of extra pages that its more expensive counterparts have.

You may chose a planner I have featured today, or you may choose something completely different that works better for you. Either way, I encourage you to use a planner to simplify your life and organize your schedule. You will be glad you did! Have a great day!

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