Traditions for Christmas Week

So many of our regular Christmas traditions have been completely busted this year. There are no Christmas parties, no Christmas parades, no visits to out-of-state family and no Santa visits. Instead of focusing on what is canceled and impossible this year, let’s focus on the traditions we still have.

1. Look at Christmas lights

We always love to grab a cup of hot chocolate and drive around to look at the pretty Christmas lights. This year, we have seen so many lights, since we really don’t have anything else to do.

2. Holiday Cookie Party

We love to invite people over and have a holiday cookie decorating party but covid changed that. There is no reason you can’t have your own private cookie decorating party and make some gingerbread houses.

3. Read The Night Before Christmas

We read this beautifully illustrated edition of The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve. You should do this!!

4. Watch some Christmas movies!!

When you want to spend a quiet evening at home, just watch some old fashioned Christmas movies! Introduce your kiddos to the classics.

5. Do some pretty Christmas puzzles

Each year we buy some pretty Christmas puzzles and we work them together. This year, we bought four of them.

I hope this post gives you some fun ideas for family togetherness during this pandemic Christmas season.

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