Four Free Fall Printables!

Hi, all! I am a bit late getting this post out to you, but I am excited to offer you these fall printables…for FREE. Yep- free download…just for you…and I made them…just for you.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I made them so I could use them, too 🙂 And you can use them to your heart’s content, as long as you give me credit as their creator, and you don’t use them commercially.

1. Quote from Anne of Green Gables

As a kid, I was a major fan of Anne Shirley. I’m STILL a major fan of Anne Shirley. I’m also a major fan of fall.

2. Pumpkin clipart poster

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? They’re practically synonymous with fall.

3. Autumn dreams

Did someone say “pumpkins?”

4. Happy fall with a leaf

Just something simple and cute for you. Nothing too fancy.

As always, please do not use these for commercial use; they are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. To download, right click on the photo and save it to your device. For best results, do not print larger than 10×13. You can print these at home, but I prefer to use a print shop, like Staples Copy and Print.

I hope you enjoy! We will see you Friday and Saturday !

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