What’s New With Lumber in My Minivan?

It’s been a good month since I’ve posted anything- I want to get back into a regular schedule but since school started back, things are super hectic. I did want to take some time to update everyone and let you all know what’s new in our neck of the woods.

Mr. Lumber and I are doing well. His job is keeping him busy and my job is keeping me busy. We are making an effort to spend more time with our girls and with one another. We are also trying to check off all those house projects I want to do 😃

This kid. She keeps us busy. She is now a sassy eight year old third grader and has switched from gymnastics to dance. She is currently taking acrobatics and hip hop and has her first competition next month. She is beautiful, talented and has a compassionate heart.

This little lady is getting ready to turn four. She’s sassy, mischievous and makes us laugh on a regular basis. She’s sweet and cuddly and she is full of fun and laughter. She herself is taking dance and is loving it!

Our sweet Bear is turning 13 this fall. He is doing well for his age, but our vet says he is going blind and developing arthritis in his hips. He is still his sweet dispositioned self despite his age.

Annie Sue is getting older too. She is now 14, and healthy despite her age. She has slowed down a lot but is doing well .

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my girls got a little gray kitten this summer. Daisy Mae is sweet but mischievous, and she fits into our family quite well.

We are currently working on a number of projects, both inside and outside our home. We most recently cleaned out some overgrowth on our property and began cleaning out various flower beds for spring. At the moment, we are decorating our back porch and redecorating our living room. We have some major projects up ahead as well.

Thanks for sticking with us! More to come soon!

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