How to successfully purge your playroom

Right after Christmas, our playroom looked like this:

I had no idea where we’d put all this stuff! I knew it was time to do a “playroom purge.” A playroom purge sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. You will need three laundry baskets or boxes. Label one of them “donate,” label one “keep,” and the label other one “trash.”

Afterwards, continue with the next few steps.

1. Start by going through every bin, box and basket, and removing the broken toys or toys with missing parts.

Then, you’ll need to put the broken toys or toys with missing pieces in the trash box.

2. Designate a place for everything.

Take any toys that are in the wrong place/ sitting around and put them where they belong.

3. Then, donate any toys that are duplicates, outgrown or no longer played with.

When I finished our playroom purge, our donate pile looked like this:

And our trash pile looked like this:

Our playroom now looks like this, which is quite an improvement.

4. And lastly, purge your playroom at least twice a year.

We like to clean out our playroom right before Christmas and in the summer. How do you handle toy clutter at your house?

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