Simplify Saturday: Simplifying your savings goals

Simplify Saturdays

January is Financial Wellness Month, and even though it is now February, it isn’t too late to create some financial resolutions.  One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, or exercise more, but how many people make resolutions concerning their finances?

I myself have set some financial goals this year: I’d like to build up our savings account, to pay off credit card debt, and reduce non-necessary spending.While most of us want to think big and make big goals, it’s actually better to create smaller, achievable goals and Earnest is available to help with your financial needs

In order to meet my financial goals for this year, I have divided them into quarterly goals.  I like this approach as it gives me a timeline to aim for. By March, I’d like to begin putting $100 in the savings account each month. I’ve already begun to do this.  By June, I’d like to eat almost all of our meals at home instead of eating in restaurants to save money. By September, I’d like to reduce our nonessential spending by implementing “no-spend months.” That means I’d only make nonessential purchases every other month. And in December, just in time for Christmas, I’d make it a habit to comparison shop to get the best deals.

Earnest created a graphic for setting financial goals throughout the year. I really love their plan for saving money and challenging yourself to set measurable, specific goals.


I hope you’ll join me on the 2018 Money Saving Challenge. Have a wonderful weekend.

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