Four amazing books about Women’s History to read to your children

March is Women’s History Month. There are many amazing children’s books available about fantastic females who have contributed to history in some way. As a mother of little girls, it’s important to me to make sure they know about women who have made significant accomplishments throughout history. It’s important to empower our girls and teach them that there are no limits to what they can accomplish. Please comment below if you have any other great books you’d like to share!

Women can be anything and do anything! We love this book, because it features female scientists, female astronauts, and even politicians. Plus. it’s written for a younger audience, so it’s appropriate for my five year old.

This is a slightly “older” version of the “Dream Big, Little One” book. From Marian Anderson to Katherine Johnson, this book talks about extraordinary women around the world. My oldest child has learned so much about women she’d never even heard of (and so have I).

I have wanted to read I am Malala with my daughter so bad, but at age 10, I wasn’t sure she was quite ready for the young reader’s edition. This book is for a slightly younger crowd and is much more age appropriate for her.

How about a women’s history coloring book? I have recently ordered this and can’t wait to share it with my girls.

What are your favorite books about women’s history to read with your children?

Kids’ Reading nooks: a Pinterest Roundup



Reading nooks are all the rage, for both kids and adults. After all, we as adults love cozy places, and kids are no exception.  Why not give the little kiddos in your life somewhere to kick back with a good book? Today, I’m sharing my favorite reading nooks for kids.

  1. I love the one pictured above. The patterns and colors work together perfectly, and those wall-mounted shelves are actually picture ledges. They’re inexpensive to purchase or DIY, and they’re such a nice, decluttered look. The wall decals and that little garland are too cute for words!


Momo Design

2. I just really love this teepee with its cozy pillows, rug and cute little star lights. You could always add picture ledge shelves to the wall behind it if you wanted.


Project Nursery

3. Here’s a reading nook for the smallest of readers. This toddler reading nook features low shelves for little hands to choose their own books, and a comfy bean bag.


Maternida De Colorida

4. Have a dormer in your kiddo’s room? Why not stretch a curtain across it and make a “reading room?” I love these curtains and the idea of a “private” reading area. My kids would absolutely love this.



5.  Repurpose a Billy bookcase into a handy window seat in your reading nook. Add a long cushion and lots of pillows, and you’ll surely want to curl up with a good book and stay there. I love the colors, the extra storage and the cuteness of this reading nook.

I hope you have truly enjoyed our Pinterest roundup today! Come back Friday for summer home decor tips.