Merry Christmas!

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

We will resume our regular posting schedule on December 28. Have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Life as a Lumber: What We’ve Been Up To

We are all FINALLY out of school. Friday was a half day for me and the girls. We have had quite a busy weekend but it has been a blast!

Earlier this week, we visited a beautiful town about an hour away from our house. The town is beautifully decorated and we got some great pictures.

The kids had practice for their dance competition team on Friday. The dance director took these amazing pics of our girls.

Photo by Mallory Idavoy
Photo by Mallory Idavoy

On Saturday, we went to see The Nutcracker with some sweet friends of ours. We had so much fun.

On Sunday, we had our children’s Christmas play at church. The kids did a great job!

This week, we will be sharing some handcrafted Christmas trees, our Christmas home tour and also a Christmas traditions list.

Have a wonderful week!

Why I put up six Christmas trees

If you’ve been reading for very long, you know I love Christmas. I might even love Christmas a bit too much- I decorate so much of our home for Christmas, and while my family sometimes tries to talk me out of it, I would never do anything less.

Today I will share our different trees, before I share our full home tour next week.

1. Dining room tree: the music tree

This tree has some ornaments on them that belonged to my mom when I was growing up. The ornaments have sheet music on them. There are also French horns, trumpets and metal bells.

2. Family memory tree

This tiny little six foot tree is filled with mementos from family vacations, special memories such as births and our wedding, and ornaments the kids made. Nothing on it matches but I love it. It’s my favorite tree in the house.

3. The main tree

This tree is in our living room and it is the main tree in the house. I absolutely love it. It’s big and pretty and well lit. I also love the red and gold ornaments.

4. Oldest daughter’s tree

4. Youngest daughter’s tree

Both of our girls have white four foot trees with pink and purple ornaments and beads. I let them decorate their trees themselves.

In our own bedroom, we have a small tabletop tree with red and gold ornaments. And to answer the question…I put them all up because it’s fun and I enjoy it! You should do what you enjoy too!

Have a wonderful week!

Five Free Christmas Printables

It’s been awhile since I created any free Printables for you guys. I wanted to take a minute to share some recent creations with you guys.

1. Sheet music print

Who doesn’t love a classic Christmas carol? Now you can print them and frame them too!

2. Poinsettia watercolor

We have seen lots of people create art on old dictionary pages so why not on sheet music?

3. simple Christmas wreath

Just a little something simple for you all!

4. Canva print

I didn’t make this one but I did find it on Canva for free download.

I hope you love these prints! For best results, please print on 8.5×10. I use a print shop to create mine.

Have a great day! Join us for more DIY tomorrow.

24 Days of Christmas: advent calendar DIY

It started with a pile of tiny red mittens, numbered 1-24. They were adorable and very useful- what could I do with them?

So I did what I always do- I found a board. I painted it white and i added some stencils to it.

And I glued 25 little tiny clothespins to it with wood glue.

And then I painted the cute little stenciled areas with acrylic paint.

And I added some vinyl to the bottom.

And I added my cute little mittens to the bottom.

I think the board is a bit narrow, and the only thing I’d change is to use a longer board to space the mittens out further. It’s kind of hard to see the numbers on them like this.

And it didnt turn out too badly. I still may change it next year, but I do think this turned out cute.