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Life as a Lumber: what we’ve been up to!

Hi, all! I hope you are doing well and are in good health. We are all well and have been very busy! We have three sitting hens at the moment, and currently have three baby chicks. We are also rehoming a rooster at the current moment since we really don’t need two of them. We… Continue reading Life as a Lumber: what we’ve been up to!

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Free printable coloring pages

Does anyone else really like to color when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed? I don't often find myself with time to color or draw, but when I have extra time, I find it peaceful and relaxing. Instead of my usual once a month printable, I decided to do something different this time: offer three botanical… Continue reading Free printable coloring pages

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Easy Spring Kids’ Crafts: “feet birds”

Quarantine isn’t as strict these days as it has been, but most of us are still spending more time at home where we are safest. Staying at home can mean it’s a lot harder to entertain the littles, so throughout March and April, I’ll be sharing a few spring kids’ crafts with you. I know… Continue reading Easy Spring Kids’ Crafts: “feet birds”

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DIY Shabby Chic Lampshade

My youngest daughter wanted a pretty new lamp for her bedroom. We tried to find something that would fit her boho- themed room without breaking the bank, but we couldn’t. But did you know lampshades are incredibly easy to DIY? All you need to make this one is some ribbon and a hot glue gun.… Continue reading DIY Shabby Chic Lampshade

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Make Something Monday: Three Burlap Crafts To Make Before Spring

I love anything burlap. I love burlap almost as much as I love farmhouse signs and quotes. As I was thinking of January post ideas, I thought I’d share some easy, cheap and adorable burlap crafts with you. 1. Framed burlap initial print All you need are some old picture frames, some 8x10 burlap sheets,… Continue reading Make Something Monday: Three Burlap Crafts To Make Before Spring