Choosing Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Choosing Unique Baby Shower Gifts

How many baby showers have you been invited to over the past few years? Probably quite a few. Some may have been for close relatives, and others might include co-workers, friends, or friends of friends. Choosing the right gift can sometimes be difficult, especially if your sister is expecting, and you want to choose something really special and unique. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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Personalized Gifts

Since many parents choose their baby’s name before it is born, a personalized gift can be a good choice. If you are crafty, knit or crochet a blanket with the baby’s initials or first name. There are a number of pattern books available that can show you exactly how to do this. This is definitely a one of a kind shower gift that the parents will treasure for many years.

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Professional Baby Photos

Of course, the new mom and dad will constantly be taking pictures from the moment their little one enters the world. However, you can choose a good photographer, and give them a gift certificate for professional photos. When they are ready, they can take their baby to have photos made or a family portrait. This is a gift that will be greatly appreciated, because with the expense of a new baby, it might not be in their budget.


Lullabies are one of the best ways to soothe little ones. It helps to keep them calm while they fall asleep. One gift that features a mother and baby and plays Brahm’s Lullaby is one of the willow tree figures provided by

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A Baby Bathtub

All new parents are worried when they give their baby the first bath. It can be difficult to hold on to a little one and wash them at the same. A baby bathtub, not the typical plastic type that is similar to seats or bouncers, can hold the baby and keep him or her from slipping. This type is made with soft mesh that is gentle on the newborn’s skin and allows the water to drain away from the baby.

These are just a few great ideas for unique baby shower gifts. Happy shopping! 


4 Christmas Gifts Your Grandmother Will Love

Four Christmas Gifts Your Grandmother Will Love! 

Shopping for your grandmother can be a bit more challenging than shopping for a friend or colleague. You’ll need to find something that she hasn’t already received over the course of her life! If you’re stuck for ideas, here are just a few holiday gift ideas that will suit your grandma.

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1. Gift Basket

The great thing about gift baskets is that they’re easily customized depending on your grandmother’s interests. If she likes gardening, you can get her a gift basket filled with seeds, gloves and shovels. If she enjoys gourmet food, you can find a gift basket with cheese and champagne. The sky is the limit when you’re willing to sift through your options.

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2. Scrapbook

This is a meaningful gift that will bring tears to her eyes. Fill a scrapbook with photos, receipts, ticket stubs, movie passes and loving messages about how much that she means to you. Not only will it be a great holiday gift, but it’ll also be a memento that she returns to again and again throughout the year.

3. Music

Everyone enjoys a good tune, and your grandma will find it especially meaningful if you put together a list of hits from her childhood. You don’t have to buy it on vinyl. You can simply purchase a subscription to a digital streaming service and set up a playlist filled with all of her old favorites. You can even teach her how to use it for extra bonding!

Jim Shore

4. Figurines

Figures are a great gift because they can be displayed everywhere from foyers to fireplace mantles. Whether you’re looking at delicate animal figurines or festive Jim Shore figurines, you’re sure to find something that suits your grandmother’s taste. Just don’t forget the display stand to go along with the figurine!

These are just a few Christmas gifts that are perfect for grandma. However, try not to stress too much over your selection! At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, and your grandma will be pleased with any effort that you make. It’s what grandmas do.

Five Friday Favorites: Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

I have to admit, I had an entirely different post in mind for today, but I’ve seen so many cool things lately, it’s almost sinful not to share them. Today, I just want to share these treasures with you all.

1. Old fashioned Coca-Cola cooler from Tractor Supply

How cute would this look on my back porch? I would love to have this thing iced down, with a bunch of Cokes in glass bottles.

2. This extra large lantern from Pier One

I want two of these to put on my front porch. I love the cozy farmhouse vibe these give, and I can just picture them on our fireplace hearth. I love them!


3. This shift dress from Marley Lilly is simple, cute, and it’d be nice and cool in our sweltering North Carolina heat. I can just see it now with a pair of white Jack Rogers.


4. This galvanized farmhouse pitcher  is not only delightfully cute, it’s remarkably affordable, too.

Does anyone else love pitchers? I have so many already and I always want to buy more. This one would be super cute this fall with some sunflowers or black eyed Susans in it.

anthro soap

5. This Classic Mistral bar soap from Anthropologie smells great and it looks beautiful. The packaging is almost too pretty to open. I love to keep it in my hall bathroom for guests to use!!!


Have a wonderful, awesome weekend.