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Pallet projects: directional sign

Recently, I acquired a stack of pallets from work. I used most of them to build the raised beds you see in this post. I had a few planks of wood left over from that project, but I didn't want to throw it away. Burning treated wood is a no-no here, and we are under… Continue reading Pallet projects: directional sign

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Woodwork Wednesday: pallet raised beds

If you follow the blog or social media for our farm Wild Orchard Organic Farms, then you already know about this project. Where we live, the soil is red clay. This is great for permanently staining your clothes and shoes and making pottery, but it really isn't great for planting and growing. For this reason,… Continue reading Woodwork Wednesday: pallet raised beds

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Three creative wood coatracks you can make yourself!!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so obsessed with the unexpected. When it comes to hanging up coats, I love finding unique and interesting ways to hang up our clothes and coats. 1. Unique door knob coat hanger Source This remains one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done and I still use… Continue reading Three creative wood coatracks you can make yourself!!