2022, children

My “new school year” resolutions

Tomorrow is the last day of July, so August is literally right around the corner. My children have a week and a half before returning to school, but I myself have three weeks left of summer vacation. I am a huge fan of reflection and goal setting. The end of each school year affords me… Continue reading My “new school year” resolutions

2022, home office, organizing, school

Managing paper clutter

School has now started back for both my oldest daughter AND me. If you glance around our kitchen and living room right now, it's evident we've gone back to school. How? The piles of paper. Paper, paper everywhere and none of it spendable. In all seriousness, the paper piles were getting on my nerves and… Continue reading Managing paper clutter

2022, organizing

Organize your fridge: a stress-free approach to simplifying your kitchen

Our fridge was pretty well organized, but like most organized spaces in our home, it was starting to get a little out of hand. This happens to the best of us, but I have good news. With these tips, you can get your fridge organized quickly and easily. 1. Group like items together I grouped… Continue reading Organize your fridge: a stress-free approach to simplifying your kitchen

2022, cleaning, closet organization, declutter, organize, organizing

Organizing a cleaning closet

We have an old TV cabinet in our laundry room, which we have repurposed as a cleaning supply cabinet. Here’s our dog modeling the cabinet. Haha Our cleaning supply cabinet used to be neat and clean and organized…but then it looked like this. I decided to make better use of the space, but I was… Continue reading Organizing a cleaning closet

2022, craft supply storage, organizing, room refreshers, simplifying life

“Spring” cleaning: a newly organized shed

Due to my work schedule, I don’t get to deep clean as often as I want. Don’t get me wrong, I keep a clean house, but I don’t have tons of time to do some of the deep cleaning tasks that require a little more elbow grease. Most people do spring cleaning, however, I do… Continue reading “Spring” cleaning: a newly organized shed