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Back porch rehab: a mood board and a plan

We have a wonderful covered back porch, but it's a bit lacking in decor and comfort. The space itself is great, but it's bland and underused. It could be really nice, with the right comforts and features. We live in Central North Carolina, and it's so hot here in the summer we can't stand to… Continue reading Back porch rehab: a mood board and a plan

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The BEST candied yam recipe EVER!

I am a southern woman, through and through. One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is candied yams. I look forward to eating these things all year long. I can honestly say I have a sweet tooth, and these yams truly do taste like candy. To make them, you only need a few ingredients: butter, brown… Continue reading The BEST candied yam recipe EVER!

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Cooking My First Thanksgiving

Last year, we found ourselves scrambling to make Thanksgiving plans amidst a global pandemic. Unable to gather with local family and unable to travel to out of state family, we decided to host our very own Thanksgiving celebration at home for the four of us. While I am a decent cook, I’m not a chef.… Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew Before Cooking My First Thanksgiving

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Fall decor at Michael’s!

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love decorating for fall. We have over a month until Christmas comes and it seems to me that fall decor is getting harder to find in the stores. Recently, I popped into Michael’s to look at ribbon and was pleasantly surprised by all the fall decor… Continue reading Fall decor at Michael’s!

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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

I wanted a new fall wreath as mine has gotten a bit faded, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on it. I found some cute ones I really liked, but they were $70 or more. I just couldn’t see spending so much for a wreath I would only use for a year or… Continue reading Easy DIY Fall Wreath