How a DIY closet organizer made a huge difference

How a DIY closet organizer made a huge difference

My daughters’ closets were one hot mess. Like most other closets in this house, There was only one rod and one really high shelf. I don’t have a before picture of my oldest daughter’s closet, but here’s my youngest’s closet. They both pretty much looked like this:

Ugh. I couldn’t find a thing and every time you opened the door, things would fall out. It was a big mess.

My dad, before he passed away, was a good carpenter. He never worked as a carpenter; he just happened to be really good at building things. I downloaded this Ana White plan, and he felt confident we could build it.


I don’t know if you have ever used an Ana White plan before, but they are amazing. She includes a shopping list with everything you’ll need and even a cut list to tell you how to cut your boards. They’re really easy to follow. My dad built that closet organizer shelf in about two hours.

We added a double rod on only one side so that when the girls are older, they have one side to hang dresses.

I then took some old diaper boxes and covered them with fabric. I already had the baskets on the top shelf.

I then added labels to the boxes as well. I made them on our computer and then laminated them.

I also created labels for the bins in our youngest daughter’s closet.

Remember the closet that looked like this?

Well, now it looks like this:

Isn’t that so much better?

And best of all, we created both of these closets for less than $100.

Before you buy an expensive closet organizer, head on over to and create your own…for a lot less.

Have a great day!

Make it Monday: Easy Farmhouse Candlesticks

Make it Monday: Easy Farmhouse Candlesticks

I love chunky, wooden turned candlesticks, but they can be costly. Did you know you can easily DIY them from materials you can find in most hardware stores?

I was in Lowe’s earlier this week when I happened upon these lovely turned table legs.

I purchased the terra cotta saucers from Rural King.

I then used wood glue to glue saucers to one end of the legs, but for the end with the screw? I chose to drill a hole in the saucers.

I learned that you can soak your terra cotta pots overnight in water and drill a hole with a standard drill bit. No masonry bit needed!

I then bolted the saucers on and painted them white with two coats of chalk paint.

I’m happy with how they turned out, but I’m thinking of cutting one of the taller candlesticks down so I’ll have three varying sizes. I love the look of these and I know they’ll look great on our mantle.

This was a DIY project that didn’t cost much, and it was easy and fun to do. I love how cute these candlesticks are as well!

Have a wonderful week.

DIY Coffee Bar

What do you do with a naked sidebar top?

Once I take down the Christmas decorations, this is completely and totally bare. And not useful.

I had the idea to turn it in to a coffee bar.

My regular coffee pot is in the kitchen, but I also own a Keurig and an iced coffee machine. I purchased a coffee sign, a k-cup pod drawer and some wire baskets with a gift card I had.

Shop: Keurig K-Cup Organizer Drawer, Small sturdy basket set with adhesive clips, “Good Days” sign, coffee mugs (similar), milk glass tea set (similar), Keurig coffee machine, and Gourmia iced coffee maker.

The only thing missing is a coffee grinder and a few Torani syrups. What small projects have you completed lately?

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Rae Dunn inspired

Our Dollar Tree has a pretty epic craft section. I found this pack of “chalkboard” tags when I visited last week.

I had a chalk pen left over from a previous project. I love Rae Dunn and I knew I wanted to create something similar to her stuff.

The result?

I am planning to use them for Christmas gift tags. They’d make wonderful ornaments too.

Go to your local Dollar Tree right now and get some of these chalkboard rounds- you can make so many cool things with them.

Home tour soon!! Stay tuned!

Five Free Christmas Printables

It’s been awhile since I created any free Printables for you guys. I wanted to take a minute to share some recent creations with you guys.

1. Sheet music print

Who doesn’t love a classic Christmas carol? Now you can print them and frame them too!

2. Poinsettia watercolor

We have seen lots of people create art on old dictionary pages so why not on sheet music?

3. simple Christmas wreath

Just a little something simple for you all!

4. Canva print

I didn’t make this one but I did find it on Canva for free download.

I hope you love these prints! For best results, please print on 8.5×10. I use a print shop to create mine.

Have a great day! Join us for more DIY tomorrow.