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Budget Fall Decor at The Dollar Tree

This weekend, the girls and I visited a new Dollar Tree location with my aunt and grandma. Like most stores right now, they have a mixture of Halloween, fall and Christmas decor...and there are a lot of pretty items to choose from. I managed to buy a few things and I’ve already earmarked a few… Continue reading Budget Fall Decor at The Dollar Tree

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Create your own bulletin board

I wanted a cute bulletin board for my daughter's desk, but I wanted it to be cute. I also didn't want it to cost a lot. I decided to use what I had on hand and make it happen. I had an empty white frame and some foam poster board. I also had cute fabric… Continue reading Create your own bulletin board

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Handmade Christmas Ornaments

I love pine cones- I use them to decorate for fall, Christmas AND spring. I have tons of them around my house and I can always find them by the bucket full. Did you know you can easily make simple and cute ornaments from them? You will need pine cones, your choice of ribbon and… Continue reading Handmade Christmas Ornaments

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Cute and affordable Christmas decor…at Dollar General

I know I said I'd never post a Christmas post before Thanksgiving. And I tried not to, I really did. But everywhere I go, I see so many pretty Christmas things and I just can't help it. So for that reason, I am going to share some of my recent finds in our local Dollar… Continue reading Cute and affordable Christmas decor…at Dollar General

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Building a faux fireplace mantle

Last month, I told you all about how my husband and I purchased and antique fireplace mantle. We have a long, blank and boring wall in our living room, that unfortunately is our focal wall when you walk in the door. I've always wanted a pretty fireplace on that wall but knew we couldn't afford… Continue reading Building a faux fireplace mantle