After Christmas storage solutions: a Pinterest roundup

Some of us have already taken down our Christmas decor and put it away. Some of us have taken down our Christmas decor and haven’t put it up yet. Some of us (like me) haven’t even started taking it all down. I’m going to do it tomorrow. No really. I promise.

Did you know there are all sorts of great Christmas storage solutions out there? It gets better: most of them are fairly inexpensive.

Ornament storage

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of breaking ornaments each year while they’re in storage. A specially made case for safely storing ornaments will solve the problem. You can find this soft case at Kohl’s for less than $20 or this plastic divided bin for less than $10 at Target.

Wreath Storage

If you’re like us, you have a bunch of wreaths. If you’re fortunate to have the space, you can always just hang them on the wall, but if space is at a premium, you can use a wreath box or bag. We have this wreath bag.


Tree storage

Some of you lucky people use real trees and you don’t have to worry about this. For those of us whose allergies don’t allow a real tree, well, storage is an issue. Get some tree bags!! I like this one because it has wheels and it’s much easier to move. I don’t even need my husband’s help!


Happy un-decorating!! We will see you tomorrow for a post about vision boards. Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

1. Vision boards: what’s your vision?

2. 2020 in Review

3. Word of the year

4. New Year’s Day

Happy Fall Y’all!! 2020 Fall Home Tour

I know it isn’t quite fall yet; it won’t be fall until the 22nd. However, after the year we have had, I am into doing whatever brings me joy these days. Fall decorating brings me joy- our home is the most beautiful to me when it’s decorated for fall and Christmas. So I decided to decorate early…and I am so glad I did it.

I’m not going to show you every single room in our home, nor am I going to show you every fall decor item. Consider this our highlight reel.

Our living room is one of my favorite rooms to decorate, now that we built the fireplace. I love the orange pillows against the navy plaid chairs. We topped our mantle off with a fall garland, pumpkins, simple white candlesticks and candles, and a fall wreath from my family.

Here’s a close up of our fireplace mantle.
Fall pillows and a cozy throw on the couch, pumpkins and fall flowers on the coffee table.
Here is our side table in the living room.
Here is another view of the living room.

We also have fall pillows and a throw made from my dad’s T-shirts on our family room sofa.

Family room couch
A fall throw and comfy pillows make our family room cute and cozy.
The family room coffee table also includes this adorable fall vignette with a lantern, vase of fall flowers and acorns.

Our two bathrooms have these pipe shelves, and we have decorated both of them for fall.

Our kitchen, which is under renovation, has a tiny bit of fall decor as well. This pitcher belonged to my great grandmother and I bet she’d love to know I am using it.

Lastly, our dining room is particularly lovely this time of year. My favorite things in the room are this fall runner I bought last year and a set of pretty placemats my grandmother gave me.

Daisy is trying to blend in and appear part of the decor.
She is pretty enough to be decorative.
Our sidebar has a little fall treatment too.

I hope you have a blessed day, and I will see you again this Friday for a post from a special guest.

Have a wonderful day!!

Farmhouse Friday: Favorite Flea Market Finds

I absolutely love antique stores, resale stores and thrift shops. I love looking for specific things, but I also love finding random treasures too.

Recently, I found this pretty and unusual desk in a Habitat for Humanity store. For a split second, I considered buying it.


Then, I spotted this pair of French toile chairs that would be darling in a little girls’ room.


It made me wish I needed them. In the end, I said goodbye to the cute desk and the darling chairs and walked away.

But, I digress. I mentioned that I sometimes go in a store searching for specific items. On this trip, I was in search of a new large piece of art for our living room.

I didn’t find what I wanted, but I did find these two neat paintings.

There are a handfull of items I am always on the lookout for in a resale shop or flea market. There are a few things I love to collect and I almost never pass up. Today, I’d like to share those lovely treasures with you.

milk glass

1. Milkglass

I have several pieces of Fenton milk glass, and while most of my collection has been passed down to me from my grandparents and great grandparents, I also frequently purchase small pieces when I encounter them. I have passed on milkglass pieces just as often as I’ve purchased them, in an effort to keep my collection small.


2. Seagrove Pottery (especially blue)

I was raised in Central North Carolina, so I’m very familiar with Seagrove pottery. I remember being absolutely gobsmacked by how expensive the pottery is on Ebay, so I am always excited to find a piece for sale in a flea market or resale shop. I’ve emassed a decent collection from yard sales, thrift stores and family members.

tea cup.jpg

3. Vintage tea cups and tea sets

You can often find one or two matching cups and saucers. You can do so many cool things with these- decorate with them, make bird feeders from them, make candles with them, gift them to a friend with a box of their favorite tea…the list is endless. I use mine beside my kitchen sink to store my rings while washing dishes.


4. Vintage quilts

Quilts often cost a pretty penny. If you find a nice vintage quilt that is still in great shape, buy it! That’s what washing machines are for! If it has a small tear, you can fix it. If it’s faded, use it for a picnic blanket. Vintage quilts also make great wall hangings.

picture frames

5. Vintage picture frames

Have you ever seen vintage picture frames with the glass removed and painted with chalk paint? I’m telling you right now, you should do this! These frames would be lovely in a little girls’ room painted pink. They’d also make a lovely statement wall on a staircase. Or just a cute collage wall in a hallway. Hang them up empty or with photos in them.

Other things I love to search for are antique signs and advertisements, household items like wash boards, and old license plates. What do you love to buy from resale stores and flea markets?

Make a tray from an old picture frame

Make a tray from an old picture frame

I have had this old picture frame for ages, and while I knew I could make something cool with it, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do.

I had painted it green at some point. I initially thought about painting it another color, but I found some old scrapbook paper that matched the color perfectly.

I found some really cool drawer pulls in a basket of junk parts that we never seem to throw away. I promptly drilled some holes in the side of the frame.

I brushed the dust away and then made two more holes on the opposite side.

I then screwed the drawer pulls to the tray.

I am pretty pleased with my cute little tray. It’s currently brightening up a corner of our office.

What upcycle creation have you made lately?

Guest post: How to Find the Best Deals at Antique Stores

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Three Centuries Store. He regularly writes for antique and home improvement blogs. He frequents antique stores and flea markets on the weekends on the hunt for vinyl records and compasses. Visit Three Centuries Store at


There are different types of antique stores. Some shops feature more secondhand items than actual antiques and sell most items on consignment. Some shops are more upscale and sell high-end items. The dealers aren’t always on-site. Usually, booths are rented out to dealers. If you’re interested in items at a particular booth, find out when the dealer is available. Even though people recommend going to flea markets, estate sales, and auctions early, when it comes to antique shops, do your browsing after lunch. Dealers are usually at estate sales or auctions in the morning and bring back new items to the store at the conclusion of the sale. 

Here are some points to keep in mind about buying antiques. You can buy antiques at:

Flea Markets

A lot of flea markets specialize in selling imported or new items, so it can be challenging to locate authentic antiques at these sales. One way to find out where the real treasures are being sold is to check online for craft shows or what some refer to as trade days. Some shows are held monthly, especially during the summer months when a lot of people are traveling. Many of these shows sell:

  • Antiques
  • Crafts
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Home decor

If you’re traveling, check the monthly calendar of events online to find out where shows are being held. Get there early to buy the amazing items that dealers and collectors want. When you shop flea markets, do a quick walk-through, especially if you’re looking for furniture. Always look for the signage on furniture to make sure you’re paying for an authentic piece.

Garage sales 

The best way to find some real gems at garage sales is to check the newspaper or online for garage sales in your community in upscale neighborhoods. You can often find great deals at neighborhood sales held by multiple families. Another way to find good deals is to check out moving sales. A lot of people don’t want to pack all their belongings, especially if it’s a long-distance move. You could get excellent buys on household items including furniture and appliances at moving sales. 

Estate sales

When an estate sale is run by the family, they don’t know as much about pricing items as professional liquidators do so you may get some excellent deals. The way to get the best prices is to wait until the second or third day of the sale when prices are usually lowered. Upcoming estate sales often notify you of sales that are coming up. You can find out about items that interest you before they’re made public. Previews of the sales are often offered to regular customers. 

Rules of etiquette apply when you’re haggling with a seller for a lower price. You don’t know if you can get a better price if you don’t speak to the seller, but always be polite. If you point out why the item should be sold for less than the asking price, don’t be unreasonable. If a seller doesn’t want to negotiate, let it go and talk to someone who’s more receptive. If you see an item that you know will increase in value but has gone unnoticed, pay the price for it.


Antique dealers frequent auctions more often than casual shoppers, but you may be able to find goods that are worth buying to resell, especially if it’s an estate auction. One of the best reasons to shop for antiques at auctions is that approximately 70 to 80 percent of all the people who attend auctions are dealers looking for items to buy at wholesale prices for resale. Some auction houses have a reserve price; the minimum amount they’ll accept, and some have appraisers on-site.

Online Shops 

Online shops and auctions often sell high-quality antiques and collectibles, but you may have to pay higher prices than you would at a brick and mortar store or auction house. You also can get bogged down by shipping cost, especially if the item is, particularly, heavy.


Finding the best deals does not have to be a hassle. With persistence and motivation you can find exactly what you are looking for for a price you like. The amount of stores out there you are surely going to find the piece you are looking for.