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Using natural elements for fall decor


Decorating for fall is so much fun. I like to think fall is when our house looks the prettiest. It’s just such a colorful, beautiful time of year. When I decorate for fall, I like to bring that color and beauty indoors. Some of my favorite fall decorations can be found outside in your backyard.

1. Pumpkins and gourds

Our house tends to have tons of pumpkins and gourds in the fall. We have both faux and real ones, in orange, white and even green.

2. Acorns

These acorns are not real, but you certainly can use real ones…as long as you de-bug them first.

3. Fall florals

You can use faux florals, pampas grass, dried grasses, feathers, and even cattails in your vases. Have fun. Be creative! Which leads me to my next idea:

3. Pears and apples

You probably noticed those faux apples on my antique scale. Pears would work, too. You can also use real fruit if you’d like.

4. Sticks and twigs

Twigs and leaves (or berries) are excellent fall decor. Just pop them in a pretty vase.

5. Pinecones

Pinecones are versatile. They can be used for fall, Christmas and spring. You could even buy the cinnamon scented ones if you wanted.

What are your favorite fall decorating elements?

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