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Grandparents’ Day gift ideas


Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 10. And if you’re still scrambling for a gift, or even a gift idea, we can help! This week, we have scoured Pinterest and came up with five really nice, unique, and easily doable gift ideas to share…one of them I have even made for mine and my husband’s grandmothers. We chose a different gift idea for the girls to give our parents.

1. Photo gifts


You know what grandparents and parents love? Pictures of their family, so they can show them off. These frames are pretty and practical, which makes them the perfect choice.

2. Personalized gifts


Personalized gifts like this stepping stone are unique and tailored specifically to your family. Your grandparents would love and treasure this stepping stone.

3. Personalized door mat


Do you have a granny with a sense of humor? Check out this door mat. My grandmothers would find this funny and I bet yours would as well!!

4. Bird feeder


Who doesn’t love watching birds? This Pioneer Woman bird feeder is adorable and would look great in anyone’s yard. You could even include a guidebook with it.

5. Personalized photo collage


You can fully customize this college with your favorite memories- this is truly a very sentimental and sweet gift.

We hope you enjoyed this list!!

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