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Make something Monday: Organizing with everyday items


We have all seen the selection of beautiful, but expensive baskets and bins at Target and Home Goods. You can find some nice baskets at Dollar Tree and Dollar General, but their baskets are often smaller and they don’t always have a huge selection. Did you know you can organize your home with things you already have on hand…and make them look nice?

I have two daughters and a husband, and between the four of us, someone, (usually the girls), is getting a pair of shoes. Shoe boxes can be painted, or left as is. I like to add a book plate to them so I can label the box. You can purchase a package of bookplates at Hobby Lobby or Amazon fairly cheaply.

Stylish storage, for the cost of a pack of book plates.

You can also use some of your leftover Amazon purchase boxes to create bins. You can cover them with Modge Podge and fabric, or hot glue jute twine to them. You can even add a rope handle or sew a liner for them. The possibilities are kind of endless.

These bins are just fabric covered diaper boxes. I actually still have and still use these and my girls are 11 and 7 now.

One of the coolest ideas I have ever had was to take Clorox Toilet Wand refill boxes, cover them with canvas, and make letter bins from them. I actually still have and use these as well.

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