• Life as a Lumber: What we do each day
    Our family of four is busy, busy, busy, and we have had to work hard to create a routine that works for us. We really do have something going on every night but Friday. Our typical week works about like this: Since we are often not home throughout the week, we have tried to find […]
  • January giveaway: Thrive energizing facial scrub
    This post contains affiliate links. I recently was given the chance to try Thrive Energy Scrub. I have been using it in the mornings when I wash my face. The scrub smells good and is made entirely from plants. No unnatural, unnecessary ingredients and nothing harmful. I felt comfortable letting my seven year old use […]
  • Valentine’s Day Decor at Dollar Tree
    Have you been to the Dollar Tree lately? I popped in there briefly last week and found ALL SORTS of cute things for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, and Easter that I wanted to buy. I was able to convince myself to leave the Easter stuff, but you can believe I’m going to go back […]
  • Pinterest Roundup: Home gyms worth coveting
    My “home gym” is little more than a treadmill, a bike, and a shelf with some weights on it, but I’d really like to give it an upgrade soon. I’d love to have a designated space for it and even a gym floor. Until I have the money to make it happen, I am simply […]
  • Podcast episode: how we got our name
    When I hand out business cards, or someone new visits the blog, I’m often asked, “Why the silly name? What does it mean?” If you’ve ever wondered what our name means or how we got it, there is an explanation on our podcast. You can listen to it here. In other news, I’m currently reworking […]
  • 5 Tools for Excellent Bible Studies
    Good day, and happy Wednesday to you! I am currently working hard to clean out our home and be more intentional with our space. I am also working on being more diligent with my Bible study. I thought it would be nice today to share the space where I do my Bible study, as well […]
  • Observe Martin Luther King Jr Day by choosing kindness
    Martin Luther King Jr was a man who desired peace, equality, and love for all humankind. In recent years, several groups have challenged Americans to observe the MLKJ holiday by practicing kindness. Kindness to others doesn’t have to be any major event, or even anything public. Maybe, like me, you prefer to keep your good […]
  • Monthly writing prompt challenge: January 2023
    Do you have a favorite place you have visited? Where is it? It’s very hard for me to choose just one favorite, but I can narrow my list down to three of four. Not surprisingly, nearly all of them have a mountain view. As a mountain girl at heart, I love beautiful scenery and a […]
  • Fun fitness Friday: what’s in your gym bag?
    There are about three bags in the back of my car 90 percent of the time: my girls’ dance bags and my gym bag. Since we are talking about fitness and exercise this month, I thought I’d show you what’s in my gym bag. I’m a big believer in using what you have before buying […]
  • Winter craft: remake a cheap door hanger
    Recently, I ordered this door hanger from a website known for cheap clothing and goods that rhymes with Shmeen. You follow me, right? After hanging it outside, the glue melted and everything fell off of it. I was left with this. So I grabbed some vinyl and modge podge and covered it first. Then, I […]

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