• 4 Sentimental Christmas Gifts Your Grandmother Will Love
    Four Christmas Gifts Your Grandmother Will Love!  Shopping for your grandmother can be a bit more challenging than shopping for a friend or colleague. You’ll need to find something that she hasn’t already received over the course of her life! If you’re stuck for ideas, here are just a few holiday gift ideas that will […]
  • Christmas family fun ideas that won’t cost you a thing!
    As a young family with two children, we are always looking for something to do that doesn’t cost a lot. During the Christmas season, we love to find new things to do that are within a short drive and, if possible, free. Today, I’d like to share some of our favorite things to do. 1. […]
  • 24 Days of Christmas: DIY Christmas Card Photos
    Last year, our Christmas card photo snuck up on me hard. We had a string of Saturdays where we had something to do every weekend. By the time I realized I needed to send out photos, all the photographers were booked up and I needed to do something quick. Today I’d like to share some […]
  • Dollar Store Crafts: Rustic DIY Christmas Trees
    If you have read here any length of time, then you know I love a good Dollar Tree craft. Dollar Tree has some little stand trees that are actually kind of cute. They’re a little on the thin side, so you’ll need to wire two of them together to make them thicker. And then you’ll […]
  • The Second Sunday of Advent
    Not everyone celebrates Advent, so not everyone is aware of what it means and what it stands for. Advent is a four week celebration that observes the coming of Christ. Each candle has a special meaning- advent not only refers to the birth of Christ, but also new life fromSalvation with Christ and also His […]
  • 2022 Christmas Home Tour
    Good Saturday morning to you! I am so excited to share our 2022 Christmas home tour. It isn’t perfect, but I really love what we did this year. Side note: we haven’t put the outdoor decorations up yet. Living room: Our living room holds our main tree, also known as the big tree, or the […]
  • 24 Days of Christmas: Plan the perfect Christmas Dinner Party
    Christmas is most certainly a busy time of year. While we are excited to see all of our friends and family members, planning get togethers can be nerve wracking. Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for creating a beautiful, fun dinner party with less stress and more joy. 1. Choose a date- the earlier the […]
  • 24 days of Christmas: Handmade gifts your child should create for their grandparents
    Everyone knows handmade gifts come from the heart. If you have a small child, then more than likely, you treasure the handmade things they give you. Today, I want to share some simple but adorable handmade Christmas gift ideas grandparents will surely treasure. Oh, man! I love this so much I’d like to make one […]
  • Free Printable Friday: a Christmas “watercolor”
    I love a cute Christmas print. The simpler, the better! What I love even more than that is sharing them with you all. Please remember to link back to me if you share them or repost them, but even more so, please use them for PERSONAL use only. No commercial use. For best results, download […]
  • Christmas Tunes to Lift Your Spirit
    I don’t know about you, but I wait til Christmas time every year to listen to Christmas music. And I look forward to it and enjoy it each year. I turn it on while I am cleaning, while I’m hanging out at home and while I’m driving. I like a good mixture of classic Christmas […]

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